I'm Conor Patrick. Former {FTC OTRI, JHUAPL} intern. I support open source development. I do research for Secure Embedded Systems at Virginia Tech. You can follow me on Twitter.

To contact me, send me a tweet or an email at conorpp \at vt \dot edu

Feb ‘17 Design Designing a credit card emulator card
Feb ‘17 Reviews A review of some SMT buttons
Sep ‘16 Startup Designing and Producing 2FA tokens to Sell on Amazon
Aug ‘16 Travel My experience going to Defcon and SAC
May ‘16 Reversing Pearson Educations client side method for checking homework answers
Mar ‘16 Hardware My experience with DirtyPCBS.com
Feb ‘16 Crypto Keyak: a candidate for the authenticated encryption standard
Dec ‘15 Design How to accelerate a program using hardware
Nov ‘15 Tools Linx: the filesharing server every hacker should know about
Oct ‘15 Malware A close look at an operating botnet
Sep ‘15 CTF How to fix a corrupted file by brute force
Sep ‘15 Design Proxying Bluetooth devices for security analysis using btproxy
Aug ‘15 Data Class Prerequisite Graphs for VT